It’s Proven!!!

AGRiliq Boosts Feed Conversion!


Independent university trials have demonstrated the significant benefits achieved in both utilisation of fibre and the production of microbial protein in the rumen with the use of AGRiliq. AGRiliq was compared to both straight molasses/urea additives and thermally treated molasses/urea additives and showed much greater gains for the producer.


AGRiliq increased fibre digestibility over:Calf Hiding Small

  • Molasses/urea by 47%
  • Thermally treated molasses/urea by 26%


AGRiliq increased microbial protein production in the rumen over:

  • Molasses/urea by 19%
  • Thermally treated molasses/urea by 26%




The better utilisation of fibre and increased microbial protein production is a result of AGRiliq’s unique chemistry and production process that:

  • Produces a more favourable range of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA’s) such as valeric, caproic, isobutyric and isovaleric acids, which are important co-factors for cellulolytic basteria;
  • Provides a matched release of energy and protein in the rumen
  • Provides a sustained release and beneficially recycled protein source available to the rumen microbes
  • Delivers better production outcomes in all rumen species


Three supplement products providing equivalent amounts of energy and protein were subjected to an in-vitro trial to compare their digestive efficiences. The three products tested were a molasses solution with 12% urea (Mol-Urea), molasses thermally treated and reacted with Urea and AGRiliq.

The amounts of cellulose digested were measured in the rumen samples and dosed with each type of supplement, along with the quanta ties of attached microbial biomass. The results are presented below for reference.


Agriliq Table from PDF