AGRiliq Cattle Feedlot

Better Engineering for Better Profits

Customer trials of AGRiliq have shown 2.5 kg to 3 kg average daily weight gain.

AGRiliq 60 day Heifers at Rivendell Feedlot

While a lot of analysis is performed to ascertain the best roughage in a feedlot environment, quite frequently molasses supplementation is an afterthought and product choice determined largely on cost alone. Like buying the cheapest car in the car yard, these decisions can prove to be problematic in the long term.

Molasses contains a range of phenolic compounds such as ferulic and coumaric acid derivatives which inhibit the cellulotic activity that it important for muscle growth and weight gain. This means that the molasses itself can potentially be limiting the digestive process, causing the rumen to perform less efficiently than it should and producing less of the branch chain fatty acids vital for muscle development.

AGR Industries has tackled this problem by introducing a higher level of engineering into their production process.  Unlike any other supplement company in Australia we have introduced an extra stage in the production process which testing has shown degrades these anti-nutritive compounds.

In comparative metabolic trials AGRiliq was found to have a 40% greater fibre utilisation compared to a standard molasses-urea blend. Thisis achieved by the product producing a range of small nitrogenous carbohydrates and soluable amines. The rumen microbes can then metabolise these molecules as a source of both energy and protein which in turn minimises excretion loss.

One feedlot utilising ‘AGRiliq’ has been able to achieve a massive 2.5 to 3kg average daily weight gains on low inclusion levels.


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  • The performance is outstanding, very little sickness and no antibiotic used for 4 years.
    Jim Wade nutrition and AGR based"
    Rivendell Feedlot