AGRiliq Cattle Paddock

Supplement Fed Steers

AGRiliq Supplemented Steers on Oat Crop Destined for Export Market

The MLA’s Cattle industry projections for 2015/16  predict a contraction in the market after two years of record turn-offs, allowing the astute producer the perfect opportunity to minimise the time between sales and maximise weight gain.

With an expectation for increased competition between the domestic and export markets for reduced cattle supplies much improved cattle prices are expected. AGRiliq is your best tool to realise your best possible profit by increasing fibre utilisation and promoting extra daily weight gain.

In fact, trials by current clients have shown this increase to equal the production of up to 450 grams of body weight per day for cattle fed on AGRiliq as compared to those cattle on grass only.

At current market prices this translates to the average beast gaining the equivalent of $1.13 in live weight daily. Furthermore, this means a typical animal purchased at 240kgs will be finished at 460kgs in just under 7 months with the use of AGRiliq, as opposed to 12 months (based on NSW Government Industry and Investment assumptions).

Fat Cows Small

AGRiliq Supplemented Black Angus

This equals a saving of approximately 5 months of grazing time for the producer. This allows the grazier to target market opportunities much more swiftly than those finishing on pasture alone.

AGRiliq was developed in conjunction with a grant and support from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. This allowed for a highly specific and targeted range of university trials which proved the use of AGRiliq achieved significant benefits in both the utilisation of fibre and production of microbial protein in the rumen when compared to other additives. This is due to the unique chemistry and formulation of AGRiliq which means that the beast in question is able to much more readily convert feed to weight.


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