EQUiliq Liquid Equine Supplement

EQUiliq is a vitamin and mineral supplement ideally suited to provide balance to a horse’s nutritional intake, especially in Australian conditions. 


The horse’s digestive system poorly utilises complex carbohydrates such as cellulose, and instead more efficiently takes up the sugars, starches and proteins which are only present in lower concentrations in natural pasture.  Consequently, horses will naturally “trickle feed” over 16 hours per day, to best take up these nutrients.

Australian soils, however, are amongst the most nutrient deficient in the world, and these deficiencies are often directly reflected in both the native and improved pastures. Consequently Australian horses still require additional supplementation in order to maintain a balanced diet.

High-value concentrates and intensive feeding are contrary to the horses’ feeding nature and can put them at risk of health issues such as “crib-biting”, or even promote insulin resistance.

In response, AGR Industries has developed EQUiliq to meet many of the nutritional needs of horses specific to Australian conditions, with a particular focus on Magnesium, Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, and Iron provided in a bio-available form.  Extra trace elements have also been added such as Selenium for the promotion of healthy skin, hooves, and an unbeatable show ring shine. We have provided Selenium in conjunction with both Calcium and Vitamin E in order to help prevent exertional rhabdomyolysis, or ‘tying up’. The addition of Vitamin E also allows the efficient absorption of the selenium in much the same way Magnesium is required for the effective uptake of Calcium.


Since horses typically have adequate exposure to sunlight, Vitamin D is usually produced in sufficient quantities, whereas Vitamins A and E may be absent if and when fresh green forage is not readily available. Finally, Biotin supplementation has been clinically shown to improve hoof growth and quality. Iodine is also provided to optimise hoof strength and help balance and support healthy hormone production.

EQUiliq adds a balance of these daily vitamin and micronutrient requirements in an easily provided 250g per day dose, contained in a molasses base.  The molasses base of EQUiliq helps with palatability and moistens the feed so that horses will eagerly consume their ration.



Nutritional Information (As Fed):    
Dry Matter (%) 65.4    
Energy (MJ/kg) 8.0 Manganese (mg/kg) 51
Protein (%) 3.3 Copper (mg/kg) 67
Non Protein Nitrogen (NPN %) 0.5 Cobalt (mg/kg) 1.5
Salt (NaCl %) 0.2 Zinc (mg/kg) 265
Calcium (%) 0.5 Selenium (mg/kg) 0.7
Phosphorus (%) 0.2 Iodine (mg/kg) 2.4
Magnesium (%) 0.3 Vitamin A (IU) 9850
Sulphur (%) 0.3 Vitamin E (mg/kg) 334
Iron (mg/kg) 1052 Biotin (mg/kg) 14


  • We use a few litres of it a day and swear by it !!!!!"
    Johno McMillan