AGRiliq boosts Feed Conversion

It’s Proven!

University tests prove that AGRiliq’s unique chemistry gives significant benefits in feed conversions and stock yield.

AGRiliq increases fibre digestibility over:
• Molasses / Urea by 47%;
• Thermally treated molasses/urea by 26%.

AGRiliq increases microbial protein production in the rumen over:
• Molasses / Urea by 19%;
• Thermally treated Molasses / Urea by 26%.

This better utilization of fibre and increased microbial protein production is a result of AGRiliq’s unique chemistry which provides:
• Matched release of energy and protein in the rumen;
• Sustained release and beneficially recycled protein source available to rumen microbes;
• Greater propanoic acid production, which is an important co-factor for weight gain in meat production and milk protein and yield in dairy applications.

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